4 Hot Tub Accessories That You Need for Your Spa

Posted on February 21, 2016 By

4 Hot Tub Accessories That You Need for Your SpaFor many people, having a hot tub at home is the ultimate luxury. This can mean having somewhere ultra relaxing to enjoy a long soak at the end of the day, as well as the perfect place to throw a party for your guests. Furthermore, there are many great hot tub accessories that you can invest in to create the ideal space for you.

The first of our recommended hot tub accessories is a hot tub fragrance or packet of aromatherapy crystals, as these can turn just a normal soak in your spa into something extra special. These fragrances often come in a range of different scents, aiming to create the ideal atmosphere for every time that you use your tub.

There are differences in the type of fragrance that you can buy, as you will find that there are fragrances that are simply there to provide a great scent, and others that are specially formulated to provide aromatherapy in the tub. These latter choices can also soothe your aches and pains as well as moisturise your skin.

In addition to filling your tub with glorious fragrance, another great accessory is a heat retention cover, which can be bought to fit hot tubs of all shapes and sizes. It has been shown that a tub without a cover can lose up to 90% of its heat, therefore keeping a cover on when you are not using your tub can serve a couple of important purposes.

The first one is that you can heat up your tub and keep a cover on until you are ready to use it. This ensures that you will be getting into a warm tub every time, which is especially good if you are opening your tub up to guests and have to wait until everyone is ready to get in.

The next advantage of these particular accessories is that they can save you a great deal of money as they do not require you to spend as much on heating the water in the spa. Heat that is lost when there is no cover on the tub is simply money lost, and therefore buying one of these products can be very economical.

Our third recommended accessory is the inflatable spa pillow, which can making using the spa a great deal more comfortable. Not all hot tub designs are optimally comfortable for everyone, and therefore investing in a few pillows can mean that anyone who uses the tub can sit back and relax and enjoy themselves in ultimate comfort and luxury.

The great thing about these particular hot tub accessories is that they are very affordable and durable. They are often made from quality suede material for the ultimate in comfort, and many come with suction pads so that they can be easily fitted to the side of the tub.

The final suggestion for a great hot tub accessory is the floating bar, which can come in inflatable or non inflatable format. This item is ideal for holding food and drinks in whilst in the hot tub, and is generally designed so it is stable when in the water so there are no spillages when using it.

Furthermore, these particular hot tub accessories can often be rested on the side of the spa when needed, which can be great for those looking for a very easy to use and flexible option. Having food and drink on hand is a great solution of those who are hosting parties or who enjoy relaxing with loved ones in the tub.

These are just a few of the many great hot tub accessories on the market today. If in doubt about what you need, have a look in store at your local hot tub accessories supplier and you will likely find a few items that meet all your needs and preferences.

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