Dos and Donts to Consider When Landscaping Around Your Pool

Posted on April 21, 2016 By

andscaping Around Your PoolA sophisticated pool design, elegant tiles and decking and a multitude of fascinating water features together can sure lighten up your exterior space. However, a well-maintained landscape is what completes any swimming pool area and is the perfect complement to your home.

Not only does landscaping instantly transform an outdoor area but it can turn any run-of-the-mill pool into the most vibrant feature of your home. But, it’s not as easy to pull off a landscaping project as it seems.

To help you take a well-planned approach to landscaping your pool and reap the best, we have gathered a few do and don’t tips you must take into account.

Do have a plan

As we said above, landscaping a pool is much more than placing a few plants hither and thither. Before you start off, spend some time in your yard and around pool and see what’s all needed and what can be afforded within your budget. From the kind of fencing to install, plants to grow to your existing pool design and structure, consider everything that can affect the aesthetics of your pool area.

Do add privacy

You don’t want your neighbours to peek out when you’re spending quality time with your family and friends around the pool. Be thoughtful about the plants you choose and place them strategically along the fence or intended spots. Evergreen trees and shrubs make for a great choice when you want to add some privacy in the pool area.

Do focus on lighting

A beautifully created pool landscape would be the one that is visually appealing all the times. While you’re adding select plants and trees to maintain privacy in the day, ensure the pool is equally intriguing and functional at night. Create a warm, inviting ambience with colourful LED lights and use big landscape lights to highlight focal points.

Don’t go for grass

Just because they’re green and you think they would look and feel lively in your pool landscape just doesn’t mean they would. Growing grass in your pool landscape means a lot of work and maintenance. Also, the grass you grow in the landscape may find its way inside the pool making it grimy, visually unpleasant and unfeasible to use. Alternatively, you can use rocks and stones that not only look great but they are also easy to maintain.

Don’t avoid relaxation areas

Go beyond plants, trees and lighting and take your landscape design to a different level by adding an architectural detail to your pool landscape. Create a patio, deck space or a spot for lounging, exercising and just sitting and relaxing and your pool landscape will be more functional and interesting.

Landscaping a pool needs proper planning and strategic execution. If you aren’t taking the DIY approach, consider hiring a certified professional contractor for your landscaping project.


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